Taking care of nail cuticles

[According to ‘Schoonheid met natuurlijke cosmetica’]


  • Do not use metal nail-files/scissors as this is the most effective way to ruin your nails.
  • Do not cut the cuticle off and do not push it down with a filer.
  • Try to avoid buying cuticle scissors as these are very harmful to the nail and can harden the skin of the cuticle, unless you are skilled in manicures.


  • Massage the cuticle with a special creme (specifically for nail cuticles) and use a cuticle pusher to push it back. On the right is an image of a wooden cuticle pusher.
  • An easy method ? Push your cuticles softly to the back with the towel when drying your hands!
  • Increase growth of nail ? Massage the cuticle and the area under this in order to feed the nail its healthy nutrients.

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