20 July 2013 – Minerals and vitamins for hair growth

[According to ‘Liveacolourfullife’]


  • Vitamin A (in fish, meat, eggs, carrots, milk, broccoli, …)
    • production of healthy sebum
    • synthesis of protein
    • Prevention of hair loss.
  • Vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin B9 (in green leafy vegetables, chicken, beef, eggs, …)
    • Prevention hair loss
    • Help in growth
    • Reparation damaged hair
    • Promotion circulation in scalp
    • Prevention graying of hair
  • Vitamin E (in wheat gram, egg yolk, almonds, whole grains, …)
    • Synthesis of hair protein
    • Help in blood circulation
  • Biotin (in rice, dairy products, nuts, fish, eggs…)
    • Prevention of graying of hair
    • Prevention of hair loss
    • Help in the synthesis of hair
    • Prevention of itchy and scaly scalp


  • Iron (in whole grain cereals, figs, kidney beans, red meat, …)
    • Prevention of hair loss
  • Copper (in mushrooms, seeds, liver, nuts, …)
    • Help in healthy hair color
  • Zinc (in brown rice, oysters, peanuts, lamb, crab, …)
    • Management of dandruff
    • Prevention of hair loss
  • Iodine (in sea weeds, cranberries, potatoes, fish, …)
    • Regulation of hormones such as the thyroid hormone
    • Prevention of frizzy and dry hair

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