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20 July 2013 – Foods that don’t make you bloat

[According to ‘Cosmopolitan’]

  1. Cucumbers
  2. Watermelon
  3. Asparagus
  4. Banana’s
  5. Egg whites
  6. Red grapes
  7. Greek Yoghurt
  8. Iced coffee (or tea)
  9. Avocado
  10. Almonds
  11. String cheese
  12. Zucchini


20 July 2013 – Foods that cause bloating

[According to ‘Womansday’, directly copy-pasted]

  • Frozen Dinners and Processed Foods (This includes canned soups and vegetables, bottled salad dressings, condiments and sauces, which are usually pretty high in salt.)
  • Pasta and Other Carbohydrates
  • Sugar-Free Desserts (Foods that have been sweetened with sugar alcohols such as mannitol, maltitol and sorbitol can cause gas (and bloating) because these alcohols are hard for your body to digest)
  • Vegetables (Broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, collard, turnip and mustard greens, kale, onions)
  • Legumes (red beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, lentils, peas)
  • Whole grains (barley, oats, wheat such as pasta, bread and cereal)
  • Sweets (fructose such as granulated sugar, honey, high-fructose corn syrup, agave syrup)
  • Sugar alcohols (sorbitol, maltitol, mannitol; used in sugar-free gum, various nutrition bars, and many diet/sugar-free candies, cakes and cookies)
  • Fiber Supplements & Added Fibers (such as Inulin found in Fibersure and psyllium found in fiber supplements such as Metamucil, Konsyl)
  • Calcium Supplement
    – The citrate form (e.g., Citracal) may be less likely to cause gas and constipation than the calcium carbonate form (e.g., Tums, Caltrate), perhaps because it’s easier for some people to digest.
  • Eating Habits (Using a straw, chewing gum, having carbonated drinks, talking while eating, and eating too quickly can all cause you to swallow more air, which can lead to gas and bloating. Try eating more mindfully by putting down your fork between bites so you’ll chew more thoroughly and eat more slowly)


18 July 2013 – Body Mass Index

Body Mass Index

Many women, as well as men, struggle with their weight and are unsure what an ideal weight is relatively to their height. By using this calculator, one can view an approximate estimate of their BMI showing whether they are underweight, average or overweight. Note, this calculator is an estimate as it only considers the height of one. For an exact measure, one must visit the doctor/specialist for a more precise calculation (online calculations don’t distinguish the ratio between fat and muscle).

One can calculate this:
1. Online at

2. By using the formula:

BMI = ( Weight in Pounds / ( Height in inches x Height in inches ) ) x 703
BMI = ( Weight in Kilograms / ( Height in Meters x Height in Meters ) )


29 July 2013 –  21 Fast-paced songs

[According to ‘ Sparkpeople’]

1. Black Eyed Peas – Rock That Body
2. Matchbox Twenty – How Far We’ve Come
3. Junior Senior – Move Your Feet
4. Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough
5. The Sounds – Dance with Me
6. Madonna – Sorry
7. KT Tunstall – Suddenly I See
8. Journey – Any Way You Want It
9. Jimmy Eat World – Pain
10. Gnarls Barkley – Smiley Faces
11. Erasure – A Little Respect
12. Sean Paul – Temperature
13. Jennifer Lopez – Let’s Get Loud
14. Alien Ant Farm – Smooth Criminal
15. Johnny Cash – I’ve Been Everywhere
16. OK Go – Here It Goes Again
17. Beyonce – Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)
18. Rihanna – Please Don’t Stop the Music
19. The Offspring – You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid
20. Rancid – Time Bomb
21. Outkast – Hey Ya


18 July 2013 – Motivation.



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